Saturday, January 31, 2009

What's so great about Scarves, Scarlettes and Cowls???

I'll tell you what's so great about them ....They are not just for winter or cold weather. They can be used to accessorize and outfit or change a look completely from a basic style to dressy to evening.
I live in a warm climate most of the time. It could be 90 degrees outdoors.

  • What about when you are at work and that air conditioner hits you in the neck or blows right on your shoulder.....WELLLLLLL, that's what so great about scarves, scarflettes and cowls.
  • What happens when you walk into the grocery store and better yet turn the corner into the frozen food department....BRRRRRRRRRR... WELLLLLLLLLLLL, scarves, scarflettes and cowls are lightweight and portable. Great to keep one around at all times.
  • And most Importantly they cover skinny necks

Friday, January 30, 2009

How about some beaded whip cream?

Well here it is. My newest creation.

This scarf wrap is so elegant, fluffy and light it reminds me of whipped cream. I have added gold florentine beads scattered throughout and also on the fringe.

Be sure to go to my esty online boutique to see more pictures.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hi everyone what's for dinner?

You know every time I come to my blog, I sigh and say to myself, okay what am I going to write. LOL

I was never one to talk about myself and tell all, I'm kinda quiet if I don't know you.( Ha, my husband would say)

Anyway I thought about something to write today, what's for dinner?

Today is warm but really windy, so don't want to open doors & windows, so it's actually warmer outside than in. Feel like something warming & easy for dinner. So here goes.

I consider myself a good cook. But I'll admit I like easy. I was always cost conscience of everything and very handy at doing all kinds of things. Oh yeah, I have a husband who is a finicky eater...certain seasonings, probably 2-5 veggies & that's including celery,carrots and onions. LOL parsley & celery are the greenest & probably the only greens, oops I forgot iceberg lettuce(that has hardly any or no nutritional value)

So let's talk CHICKEN.

When whole chickens are on sale, I usually buy quite a 4-6 since if you're going to cook one you may as well cook more. (Plus it's alot cheaper than buying one already cooked)

I clean and season all of them and put in pans & roast. One will be for dinner. The others I let cool while we are eating and when the dishes are done I get to work on the rest.

Now I know your saying as your reading what are you going to do with all those chickens.....first save all that fat & juice in pans for stock to make soup or gravy. Next you can wrap & bag one & freeze whole( aha, another easy dinner for another night & with some sides).

Now here's the real work, (but it goes pretty fast) I pull all the meat off(1/2 chicken at a time) and put in small containers or ziplocs and freeze.(I found over time that 1/2 chicken is usually more than enough to add in a recipe unless your doubling)

There are so many great things you can make with this 1/2 of cut up chicken like:

chicken & rice stirfry
cheesey casserole with chicken(ahhh, I've got a great super easy mix ahead recipe for that)
chicken salad
chicken carbonara (ah, yummy, my favorite) & that's what we're having tonight!

I have seen so many recipes and one is more filling & fattening than the next but this is my version which is still filling but oh so yummy and it really makes alot and tastes even better for tomorrow's lunch(just add a few drops of milk &mix if too dry)

Ok, my version( hmmm, I never really measure anything so I hope this comes out right for you:


tablespoon of olive oil

4 oz pkg pancetta -chopped (dry cured bacon) (usually cheapest in Walmart-Daniele- cryovac pkg)(I always buy a few & freeze as is)

large clove of garlic chopped finely or minced

1 cup milk (can use any type I use 2%)

4 large egg yolks ( tomorrow we'll have egg white omelettes)

3/4 cup grated cheese( parmesian, asiago, romano or mixed)

parsley leaves (if fresh about 1/4 cup) (if dry..about tbsp)

basil (optional - same amt as parsley)

Pinch of salt (I omit cause all the salt in pancetta & cheese)

pound of spaghetti (break in 1/2-mixes better) (I love Barilla Bucatini Rigati- has ridges- holds sauce better )

1/2 roasted chicken (shredded or chopped)

fresh ground black pepper

First put on a pot of water on stove & bring to boil.... while your waiting for that to happen....
Heat the olive in heavy large pan over medium heat, add the pancetta & garlic and saute until brown & crisp( about 6-8 min) . Add the chicken & stir to combine.

In a bowl, whisk together the milk, cheese, yolks, parsley & basil to blend.

IS THE WATER BOILING YET??? IF so add your spaghetti & cook just until tender stirring occasionally (about 10 min)..Drain & put spaghetti back into the pot.

NOW add the pancetta,garlic, chicken mixture to spaghetti over a medium to low heat, Next add the milk mixture & lightly toss untill all heated through & sauce coats the spaghetti(about 4 minutes) DO NOT BOIL or you may end up scambling the eggs.

WHALAAAAA Bonapetit, season to taste with pepper If you like sprinkle some nuts(walnuts,pecans,pine nuts & little lemon zest, more grated cheese,sprinkle of crushed red pepper).

This is pretty filling & makes alot. If you'd like to increase recipe you can use 2 cups of milk,more cheese, 6-8 yolks, whole roasted chicken cut up, 2 lbs spaghetti....other ingredients measurements can stay the same.

Wow, I've got to go & make mine now...I'm hungry

Monday, January 26, 2009

1st Day of Chinese New Year

The year of the Ox and spring is in the air even if only for a few days.

Hi everyone! Our last cold spell is over for now here. The weather has warmed up, cloudy & warmer over the weekend here. But today was absolutely beautiful with the bluest sky, birds singing and trying to impress their mate, probably thinking it's spring. Well whhhhhy not, it hit 80 here today.

If you looked around here you would never know. The frost & steady cold we had for 3 straight days actually made everything look so barren. Okay I know whoever lives in a colder area you are laughing ( like my son does) right now and saying she doesn't know what cold is. "Oh boy, wow, 3 days of cold...LOL cold 20-30... ......That's nothing. I know and I remember well and when I talked to my son & daughter in law earlier they were looking at their outdoor thermometer saying it was 19 with more snow on the way as I told them it made it to 80 today then asked what else was new.

Just wanted to check in & say "Hi"

Friday, January 16, 2009

Brrrrrr It's Cold

Hi everyone! Can you believe it's already the middle of January. I know everyone cannot wait till this winter is over. Now that the holidays are gone the winter seems long & cold for some more than others. It has even gotten cold here, frost yesterday, colder air today with winds had to get out the winter woolys....LOL Although it doesn't stay cold here (central Florida) for long. Most of the times it warms up by noon. Today may get into the low 60's maybeeeee.
It goes to show you how fast my blood has thinned. If you stay in the sun it feels nice.

I've been alittle behind since somehow I've pulled a muscle in my shoulder. The pain is so unforfortable that I don't know what to do with my arm.....It's been 2 weeks now and has subsided some. Nothing I can really do for it. I had the heat pad , ice , pillow and more. Doc put me on muscle relaxers for a few days which did help some. Night is the worse.

Okay now that's enough of that!

I made a new friend while chatting on Etsy...Michelle. You have to go & check out her work on both of her sites: and Beautiful Items and another of the sweetest persons I've met.

Here is a pair of her earrings the blue & gold in front. I usually wear 2 pair all the time.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My new online studio boutique at Artfire

This is my new studio at artfire. This is a growing site. Of course there will be some bugs but they act upon them fast, I even rec'd a personnel phone call to correct a problem! Easy to get around, free listings and no fees. So get in now and be sure to use my link on the right as a referral when you sign up.

My studio boutique is:

I have just started listing here. I still have my other shops: and

Happy New Year!

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!
Now that the holidays are almost over & the house back to almost normal and the diets starting from all those great yummies ...What's new with everyone?
Were the holidays good? Did Santa bring everything you wanted? The time goes by so fast here we are in 2009. Hey can you believe I remembered to date that first check correctly with 09 and not 08.....That's a first that I can remember...maybe it's good luck and things will turn around and be a better year for all.

I found this shop that has the most beautiful handmade roses! They look so real you can almost smell them! From jewelry to long stem and pictures. You need to stop by especially with Valentine's Day around the corner. And she has GREAT prices too!