Monday, January 26, 2009

1st Day of Chinese New Year

The year of the Ox and spring is in the air even if only for a few days.

Hi everyone! Our last cold spell is over for now here. The weather has warmed up, cloudy & warmer over the weekend here. But today was absolutely beautiful with the bluest sky, birds singing and trying to impress their mate, probably thinking it's spring. Well whhhhhy not, it hit 80 here today.

If you looked around here you would never know. The frost & steady cold we had for 3 straight days actually made everything look so barren. Okay I know whoever lives in a colder area you are laughing ( like my son does) right now and saying she doesn't know what cold is. "Oh boy, wow, 3 days of cold...LOL cold 20-30... ......That's nothing. I know and I remember well and when I talked to my son & daughter in law earlier they were looking at their outdoor thermometer saying it was 19 with more snow on the way as I told them it made it to 80 today then asked what else was new.

Just wanted to check in & say "Hi"

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