Monday, February 2, 2009

Tonight's Dinner

Today has been damp, cool and rainy all day.

I thank Rachael Ray for this yummy meatloaf.. I make it all the time now. I know it was on her show around Thanksgiving and only saw the end of it and wow it looked great. So after a few days and dreaming of this turkey meatloaf I had to look it up on
The first time I made it I followed the recipe until I realized I didn't have cubed bread for stuffing and only a few slices of bread but not enough for stuffing let alone 2 cups...But Ah ha I did have a box of stovetop.

Rachael may have even said it during her show, like I said I only saw the end, the finished product.

My last food blog I wrote about Hubby a picky eater, well he's not a fond lover of meatloaf either, well Thank you Rachael, this meatloaf is such a hit in my house.
And best of all, not only is it healthy, it's so yummy and easy to make. I make all the same from recipe except eliminate the poultry seasoning, lemon juice and use one package of Jennie-o leanest ground turkey and one package of stovetop stuffing .
Makes a good size meatloaf. It comes out beautifully browned and crunchy just on the outside....Hmmm, Yummy , you have to try it.

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