Saturday, August 29, 2009

Shuttle Night Launch

I am so mad at myself. Last night was probably the last night launch of the space shuttle. My camera acted up for some unknown reason and I wasn't able to get any pictures of the launch. Here is my description of what I saw:

There were some clouds here in our area, and they were exactly where we see the shuttles rise out on the horizon, when all of a sudden this large cloud starts getting brighter, like someone turned on a light behind it. It's getting brighter and begins to get the most beautiful glowing redness. There it is! The shuttle emerges! It's a success! Now we watch as it goes across our skyline with the glowing red flame pushing it higher and higher out of our atmosphere toward orbit. The booster rockets separate and fall from the sky as we continue to watch the tiny lighted dot till it is out of sight.

I am adding some pictures of the last night launch that I was able to photograph on March 15, 2009, which was a clear evening approx 7:46pm EST.

Click on pictures to see full view

These pictures are for your viewing pleasure and are copyrighted. Please ask for permission for use.

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